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Labak (Elbe sandstone)


Elbe sandstone or Labak is called a climbing area that spreads on both river banks of Labe (Elbe) right before it enters Germany. The crags are around 10 km long on both sides and offer several thousands of routes on hardest sandstone of the areas. It is a place with very modern approach to climbing where chalk is totally legal and bolts are almost as close as you know it from Arco…at least on some routes. Especially the new ones. The walls offer mostly good holds on typically sport routes. Height differs between 40 to 70 meters. Czech hardest sandstone route finished by Adam Ondra is here. It grades 9a french. 

Very nice place to stay at is hotel Belveder which overlooks the whole area and is one of the main starting points to enter rocks. It lies on the right bank of the river. Opposite of Belveder on the left bank you can find Kosta. Local climbers pub that sometimes hosts concerts and serves decent food and beer to go for after climbing left bank.

Labak can be really good all summer long as the rock drie out really fast here and climbers can shift between right and left bank depending on the sun.

right bank:

left bank:

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