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Adršpach is probably the main climbing area in Czech republic. It consists of a few areas. Adršpach itself which offers mostly classic routes. You can find everything from spectacular more than one hundred meters high towers with cracks, chimneys and walls here. There are thousands of rock towers in Adršpach and much more routes lead onto them. It would take more than a lifetime to climb all of them….  Chalk is forbidden to use here but tolerated on hard routes. 

On the opposite side of the valley you can find Krizovy hill - great place for sport routes, well secured and slightly smaller towers, from where you can observe beautiful scenery of Adršpach. There are almost no cracks here and chalk is permitted here. Probably first place you should go to when visiting Adršpach to get used to the specific rock here.

The most popular area nowadays is Teplicke rocks. Only 5 minute drive and 30 minute walk from Adršpach you can find rocks where towers are accompanied by wide and very high crags filled with sport routes. Distance between rings is reasonable. Especially on harder routes. You can find less cracks and chimneys here compared to Adršpach. It is mostly typical sport routes very similar to the ones on limestone here. The hardest climbes here go up to 8b french. Chalk is permitted and widely used here. 


After a hard day of climbing it is good idea to cool down in a sand lake that spreads between towers of Adršpach. It is forbidden to bath here during tha day but evening hours after 6 pm are tollerated.


Visiting one of 3 local climbers pubs is a must. Either Tošovak, Peňak or Kalírna serve decent food and good Czech beer. Later in the nite climbers sometimes play piano, guitars and sing in Tošovak. It really creates a great atmosphere.


Best time to come to Adršpach is September. But even on hot summer days you can find cool air between towers. When it rains though, the fastest dry rocks are in Teplice.


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